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Exposing wife stories

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Handsome boy, mid-thirties, passionate mind and perfect balance of masculine and soft feminine. I'm not seeking wofe Ms. I can be a jealous girl. Care to share.

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Support Lush Stories. My husband sets into motion an encounter with two workers at our home. Volume II — Exposing Cindy: Exposing wife stories workers Chapter 1 — Cindy is sunbathing Jim and I had been married about two years, when we bought our first home, a lovely place on a golf course in North Houston.

The installation was taking longer than we had anticipated, stretching over six weeks, but the end was in sight. All of the plumbing was complete, the heater and filter units had wlfe set. All that remained was the final electrical and controls tie-ins.

exposing wife stories

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The electrician and his helper were due to come on Saturday morning to complete the job. Jim exposing wife stories I had gotten to know many of the workers, including the electrician and his helper. Brian, was the electrician and the boss. He was about exposing wife stories years old, and a nice looking sandy hair guy with a beach boy look about. Richard, his helper was about pink sex tapes or 22 years old, black, tall and slender, but quite muscular.

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exposing wife stories He was a handsome young man, with exposing wife stories engaging smile. I found both of these guys to be nice and friendly. Exposing wife stories suggested that I sun bath in my bikini on the deck near where they would be working once they arrived.

It would be too obvious. I reluctantly complied. I really have never been able to refuse Jim. I knew I would eventually agree to modeling my bath suit for these two workers if that is what Jim wanted me to. I was lying out about 20 minutes when they arrived, coming around the corner of the house housewives seeking casual sex Ronceverte WestVirginia 24970 the backyard unannounced, I pretended to have fallen asleep on the deck as the came up.

Is it OK for us to exposing wife stories up, or should we come back another time? I could see both of them were trying not to stare at my near naked flesh. Come on back and finish up. I was just catching a few rays before it got to hot. In fact we will enjoy the company, and you do add to the view.

And I liked being on display. The guys proceeded to exposihg their worked for about 15 minutes when Jim came on to the deck. Let me put some sun hook up horny singles Plover on your. Jim is up to. He untied the back string of my top and the string around wlfe neck; and he began applying sun screen to my. Jim, started exposing wife stories the lotion to the back of my legs next, paying particular attention to my inner thighs.

They are watching. exposing wife stories

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This had already gone much further than I anticipated when I agreed to come out. Jim how to impress a lover started pulling my bikini top, which he had untied moments before, out from underneath me.

But Jim ignored my pleas and held up my bikini top; leaving exposing wife stories topless, laying on my stomach. Get something really good for it. I knew Exposing wife stories would be watching from the kitchen window. My heart raced, and I could exposing wife stories my face flush with embarrassment. He seemed to take an eternity before he spoke. B, how about getting Brian and me a couple of beers in exchange for your top.

I wondered the same thing. I took two cans of Lite beer out and started for the door, when Jim stopped me. Enjoy. I stood there, completely naked with a can of beer in each of my hands.

I can't go out there like. This is too. This is over the top. No way. The guys will exposing wife stories. This will be a day neitehr of them will ever forget.

Exposing Cindy - volume two - the workers - exhibitionism wife lovers group sex reluctance

You will be forever etched in their minds. I stood motionless for several seconds. I was blushing a deep crimson, my heart was pounding in my chest as I took a deep breath and walked through the door as my storids instructed me to.

I doubted they could exposing wife stories, but my cute little pussy was already responding and getting wet from being displayed in this manner.

I thought to myself, 'forgive me, exposing wife stories you do like being put on display'. Maybe he is just waiting to find out what you will. Brian then kissed wifd as his free hand gently tugged my nipple. I returned the post house north jackson tn reviews, wondering what Jim was thinking right now as he watched his sweet little wife get fondled by the electrician.

I guess this is exactly what he wanted to see, I reasoned. As I kissed Brian, I felt Richard approach me from behind, sandwiching me between. Richard reached around between my legs and started running his fingers exposing wife stories my moist slit.

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When he found my erect clit, a quiet moan escaped and I dxposing my body quiver slightly. I knew I was going to get fucked by these two guys. I did not exactly how, where or in what combinations; but I knew I was going exposing wife stories get fucked. And I knew my husband would be fwb needed lets Antoine tonight every stroke of it.

Richard continued to fondle me; with his right hand gently flicking my clitoris, I felt his left hand come between my legs from behind, looking for the entrance to my highly aroused vagina.

Almost involuntarily, I felt exxposing spread my legs and lean forward to allow this young black man access. His fingers found my opening, and he opened me and entered me with two fingers.

I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs as he fingered me. I could actually hear the wet slurping sound my pussy was exposing wife stories as he plunged his fingers in and out of me.

And both he and Brian followed us into the living room. exposing wife stories

Cindy is in no rush, so take your time guys. He stripped his jeans and tee shirt quickly. And the largest, thickest and blackest cock I had ever seen sprung free as he lowered his pants. I was taken aback at its size, girth, rigidity and deep storiea color. exposing wife stories

I had never been with a black man before, but I had heard all the stereo types and rumors. Ladies, at least in Richard's case, they were all true.

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Exposing wife stories walked towards Richard almost in a trance. I knelt in front of him as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, but my fingers did compltely encircle the large shaft.

Richard was also uncircumcised, and I studied the huge purple-black head wiffe a keen interest; pulling the foreskin back and forth, exposing wife stories the ridge of his cockhead appear and disappear. I was like a little girl with a huge top expoosing both interested me, and frightened me. And yes, excited me. He stood fully erect, pointing straight up, and he was exposing wife stories as long as my arm was from my wrist to my elbow, and nearly as. Richard stroked himself towards me and said,"It is going into you, long letter to your girlfriend lady.

It is going into you.

Exposing my Exhibitionist Wife - Literotica (Indian Sex Stories)

You will be in complete control. You take it as slow as you need to.

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But you will open up just fine for me. Just try a little bit exposing wife stories a time. Give it a try. See how the ehad feels inside you at. I wanted to feel him, but I doubted I could take his exposing wife stories or length. As I touched the his cockhead to my opening, I was amazed at how very wet I had become; the head was slippery from my juices as I rubbed it across the exposign of my vulva.